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Travel Ban Update

On January 26, 2017, the U.S. Supreme Court granted certiorari and consolidated two cases concerning the Travel Ban from the March 6, 2017 Executive Order (EO13780), Trump v. IRAP and Trump v. Hawaii, which will be heard in the October 2017 term. In addition to granting cert, the Court granted a partial stay of the…
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Export Control Issues in H-1B/L-1 Petitions

The Form I-129 is used to apply for most employment-based nonimmigrant classifications. New text added to the form a few years ago reads as follows: With respect to the technology or technical data the petitioner will release or otherwise provide access to the beneficiary, the petitioner certifies that it has reviewed the Export Administration Regulations…
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H-1B News

Another H-1B cap season has come and gone, and USCIS is busily unpacking thousands of H-1B petitions as we speak. But USCIS has not been idle while they waited for the influx of new petitions. Yesterday, the agency announced two new initiatives to deal with "fraud and abuse" in the H-1B program. The first steps…
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USCIS to Suspend Premium Processing of H-1Bs as of April 3

Late on Friday USCIS announced it would be suspending premium processing of all H-1B petitions for up to six months, beginning on April 3, 2017. This does include cap-subject cases filed on March 31. USCIS states they are doing this to reduce the processing time for non-expedited H-1B petitions, which has increased to 7-8 months.…
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